Organohalide Perovskite Photodetectors

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Prof Paul Meredith
University of Swansea

The light harvesting performance and tunability of organohalide perovskite semiconductors demonstrated in photovoltaic applications, leads to the obvious question as to whether they can be deployed as the junction in photodetectors. Indeed, these materials should in principle be able to rival other solution processed semiconductors such as the organics and inorganic quantum dots [1-3]. In my talk, I will describe recent progress to create a family of organohalide perovskite photodetectors based upon a simple thin film diode architecture. Applications include high detectivity broad-band photodiodes for the UV-Visible [4], single crystal NIR detectors [5], and narrow-band red, green, blue (RGB) systems [6] which deliver truly colour discriminative performance without the need for input optical filtering. The latter represent a completely new photodiode platform which could ultimately deliver the type of illuminant-independent imaging needed for machine and artificial vision.


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  • Venue

    Physics Theatre C

  • Date

    March 9, 2018

  • Time

    From: 10h00 To: 11h00

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    University of St Andrews
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