“Clebsch took notice of me”: Olaus Henrici, geometer and maker of mathematical models

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Professor June Barrow-Green
Open University

Olaus Henrici (1840–1918) studied in Germany before making his career in London,establishing a Laboratory of Mechanics at the newly formed Central Technical College. Hewas a proponent of pure (projective) geometry and a leading figure in the British moveagainst the teaching of Euclid, promoting the use of models in teaching and research. Hismodels included surfaces of the second and third orders, as well as Sylvester's ninth orderamphigenous surface. He exhibited many of his models in front of the London MathematicalSociety and was a significant contributor to the great exhibitions in South Kensington in 1876and in Munich in 1893. June will discuss Henrici’s rather extensive role in the promotion ofprojective geometry in Britain and describe the origin and development of some of hissurface models, avoiding technical details but with lots of pictures.

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    Lecture Theatre C Mathematical Institute North Haugh St Andrews

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    Top floor in the Mathematical Institute

  • Date

    February 18, 2016

  • Time

    From: 16h00 To: 17h30

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    University of St Andrews
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