Route to Hyperspectral Terahertz Microscopy via Nonlinear Ghost-Imaging

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Prof Marco Peccianti
University of Sussex

The Nonlinear Ghost Imaging is a novel imaging concept at the core of the Emergent Photonics Lab (EPic) ERC project “TIMING” proposed to overcome inherent limitations in the state of the art of terahertz imagers, in terms of resolution and imaging speed. Space-time coupling affects near-field time-domain imaging leading to fundamental systematic reconstruction issues.  The seminar will present the methodological and technological route towards high-fidelity subwavelength imaging, establishing a rigorous framework to reconstruct hyperspectral images of complex samples inaccessible through standard fixed-time methods. It will also introduce the effort of EPic Lab in the investigation quasi-2D structure, enabling element in this research, based on exotic nonlinear field-matter interaction processes at dielectric surfaces.

  • Venue

    Physics Theatre C

  • Date

    March 13, 2020

  • Time

    From: 10h00 To: 11h00

  • Sponsor

    University of St Andrews
    The oldest university in Scotland, with international renown for both research and education of undergraduates and postgraduates.

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