Lorentz transmission electron microscopy investigations in materials science

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Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a powerful tool in the study of the nanoscale physical and elemental structure of materials. Under certain conditions it is also possible to use such an instrument for the study of the magnetic structure, albeit with the objective lens switched off or weakly excited. Such imaging modes are collectively known as Lorentz microscopy. The requirements and limitations for such imaging will be discussed and examples given of the possibilities when applied to functional materials. Combining magnetic imaging with structural imaging and chemical mapping in the TEM provide detailed and complementary nanoscale information in a single instrument. Recent developments for improved sensitivity in imaging will also be presented.

  • Speaker

    Stephen McVitie
    University of Glasgow

  • Venue

    222, Physics

  • Date

    February 12, 2020

  • Time

    From: 12h00 To: 13h00

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