Simulation methods of complex open quantum systems

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Simulation methods of general open quantum systems are based in one of two principles: Markovian embeddings or Influence Functionals. We will go through examples and applications of both kinds, with emphasis in the question of accessing the environmental degrees of freedom. This presents a problem in the Influence Functional methods that can be solved by use of a general fluctuation-theorem-like relationship.As an overarching approach, the transfer tensor method facilitates simulations to long times and the analysis of the dynamical properties of general open quantum systems.Finally, we will look into the question of initial system-bath correlations and how they preserve thermal properties even in the weak coupling limit.

  • Speaker

    Javier Cerrillo Moreno
    Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Cartagena

  • Venue

    222, Physics

  • Date

    February 26, 2020

  • Time

    From: 12h00 To: 13h00

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