ScotCHEM Industry Talk - Biology needs organic chemistry; Concept Life Sciences’ chemistry for ADC, PROTAC, kinase and nucleotide research.

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Matilda Bingham
Concept Life Sciences

Concept Life Sciences is a science led business focused on delivering a comprehensive platform of services of which organic synthesis forms a critical part. Our chemists work in a collaborative way with colleagues in biology, DMPK (distribution, metabolism and pharmacokinetics), bioanalytics and toxicology to design chemistry to apply to novel small molecules, biomolecules, peptide conjugates and hybrid molecules as part of wider research programmes designed to answer critical questions about biological systems.


In this talk we will discuss some of our work in the areas of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), protein targeting chimeras (PROTACs), kinase inhibitors and nucleotides.

  • Venue

    Theatre B Purdie

  • Date

    May 2, 2019

  • Time

    From: 14h00 To: 15h00

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