Publishing models, assessment, and open science

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Dr Martin Dominik
University of St Andrews

The size of benefits arising from conducting research crucially depends on the alignment of incentives with the genuine goals of the research endeavour, while communication is essential for research to unfold its value. Both publishing models and research evaluation are core elements for developing frameworks for "open science". What kind of research culture do we want, and how it can be fostered? The Global Young Academy recently released a report on this topic to explicitly encourage joined-up thinking between innovators who currently address various aspects of the global research ecosystem, which was never designed for purpose. Researchers have repeatedly proven their creativity and know-how in developing technology for implementing new models for research communication and collaboration, including the sharing of data. How can they actively contribute to ongoing transformation processes rather than accepting practices that do not make sense?

  • Venue

    Dept of Physics, University Of St. Andrews North Haugh

  • Venue Info

    Lecture theatre C

  • Date

    March 15, 2019

  • Time

    From: 10h00 To: 11h00

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