Biocatalysis in drug discovery and drug development: Reimagining the manufacture of medicine at Novartis

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Radka Snajdrova
BIOCAT ALYSIS IN DRUG DISCOVERY AND DRUG DEVELOPMENT : REIMAGINING T HE MANUFACT URE OF MEDICINE AT NO V ART IS Dr. Radka Snajdrova Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, GDC/Bioreactions, Basel, Switzerland. Biocatalysis has gained tremendous relevance in pharmaceutical industry over last decade. It has proven its utility in delivering green, atom efficient and economically viable routes, as well as frequently facilitating routes, inaccessible to traditional s y nt het i c chemistry, towards drug candidates and APIs. It is considered as one of the top priority technologies for drug substance manufactur ing at Novartis and is applied to the synthesis of APIs at all stages across the drug development cycle. This talk will cover seve ral aspects of biocatalysis in dr ug discovery and development, including example of development of an antimalarian drug, and the importance of en zy m e discovery and engineering. Download PDF

  • Venue

    Theatre B Purdie

  • Date

    May 15, 2019

  • Time

    From: 15h00 To: 16h00

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